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:~: Saturday, November 14, 2009 :~:

Hey all, sorry I've been MIA all week. I've been busily working on my deadline book. Getting close to the end. Thankfully!

If you're looking for something funny, check out my post yesterday at The Mid-Willamette Valley RWA blog. I wrote about my mental process and what I go through when I'm writing a book. The comments were great and it's nice to know I'm not the only one with angst.

Today's Saturday Snippet is black moments. I love black moments. This comes from STOLEN SEDUCTION. A little warning: It's only a tiny section of the scene because if I post the whole thing in it gives away too much. I hope you enjoy!

Release Date: December 29, 2009

Shane hadn’t spoken a word to her on the boat ride back to Marathon. Hadn’t asked if she was okay or even looked her way. And Hailey tried not to read anything into that. Tried to tell herself she didn’t care whether he was worried about her mental health.

But it was hard. Especially when they climbed on the Roark Bombardier and she gave the pilot the coordinates from her father’s letter, found out they were heading to Jamaica, told Shane, and he still didn’t say a single word in response. Just strapped in and waited for takeoff with clenched jaw and eyes that seemed to look off into space.

Okay, he was ticked. Didn’t take a brainiac to figure that one out. She twiddled her thumbs while the plane gained momentum and they shot into the air. The second they were high enough, she flipped off her seatbelt and hit the galley for something to drink to settle her nerves.

She was pouring her second shot when Shane picked her up by the elbows and turned her around to face him. The bottle of bourbon slipped from her fingers and hit the counter with a crack. “What the hell are you—”

His mouth was over hers before the words were even past her lips, but she knew instinctively this wasn’t a gentle kiss. Wasn’t a loving kiss. Wasn’t even an I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through kiss. It was hard and wet and a little bit mean as his teeth sank into her bottom lip hard enough for a lick of pain to shoot though her skin. He didn’t give her a chance to say yes or no or anything in between, because he was yanking her off the floor and pushing her through the door into the private cabin and shoving her down to the mattress before she even realized they were moving.

He was pissed. She could feel the anger pumping off him in hot, rolling waves. Knew he was replaying what she’d done in that bunker and using it to punish her. And while her brain told her rough, angry sex was a really bad idea, especially after the way things had gone last night and this morning, her own adrenaline was still so high, she didn’t care.

Oh, God…

Bad, awful, really dangerous idea. So how come with him it felt so right?


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Blogger Mary G said...

Oooh yeah!! Not too much longer to wait.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

I want the book now.

12:38 PM  

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