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:~: Saturday, March 08, 2008 :~:

It Never Fails

I am not a morning person. Never have been. Lisa and Alice - my National roomies the past two years - do this great impression of me shuffling around in the morning sans coffee -clothing skewed, hair all over hell and back, one very bleary eye open. I have to admit, it's a pretty funny impression. (Though, for the record, I look nothing like that!)

The past few days I've been having trouble sleeping, so instead of lying in bed trying to will myself back to sleep, this morning I got up and decided to work. (In the dark, no less!) Made a pot of coffee, turned on the fireplace, settled into the leather couch with my laptop and got busy. Finally, the words were flowing on the new wip. And wouldn't you know it? Not more than twenty minutes later I hear the patter of little feet, see a light flick on near the stairs and watch as my nine-year old waltzes down the steps like it's eight AM. Of course, all the noise she made woke up the three year old. And all his door slamming woke up the DH. The TV's now on in the other room, the oldest and youngest Gremlins have moved like elephants in and out of the kitchen a dozen times already and my concentration is shot. The DH retreated back to bed, but the damage is already done and it's only a matter of minutes before the trouble-maker - Gremlin #2 - wakes up.

I'd hoped to make some serious progress before the house came alive. As it is, I got about 1500 words in, but I want to do more. Hopefully this afternoon during naptime I can get back to work.

When do you write? And do you find you're most productive during the morning or evening hours?



Blogger Lexi said...

I'm definitely a night owl. If I ever get into a position to be a full-time writer, I plan to start work about 8 or 9 pm and work well into the next morning. As long as I go to bed before the sun comes up, I'm good.

11:51 AM  

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