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:~: Saturday, September 01, 2007 :~:

Two Things

One -

Writing when the words are not flowing is pure torture. Complete Hell. Like peeling the skin off your bones one agonizing millimeter at a time.

Two -

Forcing yourself to write when the words are not flowing and meeting your 1000-word goal even though you had to open a vein to do so is the best feeling in the world. Almost as good as typing T-h-e E-n-d.

Okay, I lied. More than two...

Three -

I've discovered the bathtub is where my muse lives. After the bloodletting I took a hot bath, locked the door and thought. And discovered the reason the scene I'd been working on was like pulling teeth was because I was writing it out of order. Two other scenes I'd earmarked for later have to come first. The scene will stay the same with a few minor changes, but its impact will be much greater with what has to come before. So all in all, not a lost day even though I felt like it while I was writing.

Oh, yeah. Word Counts.

Let's see...yesterday I got 1795 and stayed up until 1AM to do so. (Also researched a bit on the other book which I said I wouldn't do, but what-evah. I felt like doing it.). Today, barely scraped by at 1052 BUT I figured out what was wrong, so that's success in my book.

Did you meet your goal for the day?

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Blogger Joan Swan said...

I'm squeeking too...


But we're doing it...right? :-)

7:14 PM  
Blogger Paty Jager said...

I'm still not up and running on the word count until Tomorrow. The DH has kept be too busy yesterday and today as soon as I get off here. I told him I HAD to write the chapter blog and then I wrote mine and then... I"m sneaking a peek at everyone else's. Then I'll head out and bale hay!

But I did get 1000 in on Saturday only raking yesterday I realize I need to rewrite it. Does rewriting count? I mean the word count? Or do I have to start back over at 1?

9:03 AM  

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