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:~: Sunday, February 18, 2007 :~:


Okay, Elisa tagged me and Joan goaded me into doing this, so here goes...

10 Weird Things About Me

1. I twirl my hair when I'm stressed. Not the end of my hair, but a big chunk out of the top of my head. In my HS psych class, we watched a movie about schizophrenia...the patients all twirled their hair just like me.

2. I love sugar-free mochas. With whipped cream. Kinda defeats the purpose, but I still love them.

3. I can't start a book and not finish it. Bugs me to no end. Even if the book is horrid, I'll still waste my time and finish reading it.

4. I had lasik surgery about six years ago. BEST thing I've ever done. Went to Vancouver BC to have it done. What a beautiful city, esp. when it's the first thing you see CLEARLY in years. I want to go back (minus the eye surgery, of course).

5. I'm obsessive-compulsive. When I start a project (like a book), I focus solely on that project until it's done.

6. I want to get a tattoo. So far haven't had the courage to do it yet.

7. I got my navel pierced when I turned 30.

8. I always win at Scrabble (according to Joan).

9. I'm highly competitive. In everything. All the time. It's a curse.

10. I could spend hours in the bubble bath - with the door locked. I get my best plotting ideas in the bath tub.

Okay, that's ten. So I'm now tagging Lisa, Piper, Bethany and Paty.



Blogger Joan Swan said...

Ooooh, navel piercing, huh? And a tattoo?? You've shattered the innocent vision I had of you, E!

I'm going to look into henna tattoos. They supposidly last about six weeks. Just to freak my husband out. :-)

Navel piercing...maybe when I lose another 20 pounds and my abs are tight from all those frigging hours at the gym.

And she does always win at scrabble. It's maddening.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth Naughton said...

Oops. Innocent? Me? Bwahahahaha....

I got a henna tattoo when we were in Mexico a few years back, J. It lasted about six weeks. It was fun. I'm glad I did it first. Because I now know I don't want to get a tattoo where I got that one (my lower back). And I want something really small. I'm thinking about a dragonfly. Lisa said if my book sells I should get a Fury tattoo. ROFLMAO. A cool idea, but those chicks are scary looking!

7:48 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

I'm the same way with books. I have to finish them. I can't remember the last time I put one down and never went back to it. A lot of times I end up skimming through them if I don't like them, but I always need to know what happens at the end.

I'm with you on the mochas, except the ones I get aren't sugar free. LOL

I would love to have Lasik. My eye doctor has been trying to talk me into it for years--but then I watched it being done on TV and chickened out. LOL So for now I'm stuck with contacts.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm a bit like your number 5, Elisabeth. I have lock-on focus, LOL.

But I don't finish a book if I don't like it. I can walk away without a backward glance.

Good luck with the tattoo :)

12:46 AM  
Blogger Edie said...

Eli, I'm the opposite of you. I used to read books all the way through, but not anymore. Not with my pile of TBR books. And I think I have a little bit of ADD.

I'll try the henna tattoo. That sounds like fun.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Paty Jager said...

Interesting, guess you'll have to check out my blog to learn about me - and you stole one of my little known facts! :)

3:05 PM  
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