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:~: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 :~:

Home again, home again

Geez, blogger is being temperamental. I've been trying to post pics from nationals over at Romance Worth Killing For, but it's being a bugger. I posted my highlights of the week over there, so if you didn't see it yet, pop over and check it out. And I think I may have tricked blogger into posting a few pics today, so check those out as well if you missed them.

Nationals was fun - exhausting but fun. I'm glad to be home. Have lots to do, and came home to a handful of requests, which is very cool and totally unexpected. And I got some great advice from fellow pubbed author friends which was also a nice treat.

So, let's see...other tidbits of excitement from Atlanta (the stuff that didn't make it onto the group blog):

Having three rooms at the Marriott. Yeah, long story. I checked in on Tues. around 3pm and waited for my roommates. Lisa showed up around 6pm, but we couldn't find Alice. So finally we went to dinner and thought maybe her flight got delayed or something. We come bopping back into the hotel around 9 and were wandering around and who do we run into? Alice, sitting in the lobby talking to a friend. She'd been wandering around since 3pm looking for us. And she says to me, "Didn't you see all my stuff in our room? I left notes all over for you." I'd done the same. Turns out, they'd given her a different room. Two, actually. The first had a king bed. For the three of us. As much as Alice likes me, I don't think she wanted to get to know me THAT well. So we had the whole ordeal of switching rooms, which the hotel clerk was certain was OUR fault and not theirs. Um, yeah.

Took a workshop called Real Women Kick Ass. It was awesome. Taught by a black belt in martial arts. I learned a whole bunch of interesting techniques to take someone out. I then went back to the room and demonstrated on my roommates. (They weren't so thrilled with that part.)

Took another workshop given by a retired Atlanta homicide detective. He had a crime scene set up in the middle of the room and went through the steps detectives go through when they find a body. It was so cool - and so different from what you see on TV.

Got to see Carol at the literacy signing - that was fun. Wish we'd had more time to sit and chat. Even got a picture.

Me with fellow writer and friend, Carol Burnside.

Don't think I got to bed before 1am any night, and Lisa's alarm went off way too early every morning. But it was fun. Even with about 5 hrs sleep per night, it was fun. Sorta like one great big slumber party. Alice and Lisa were hilarious roommates to have.

Oh, and this was funny...every single person who checked my ID thought I was trying to pass off fake ID. I had to have my license renewed when I was 8 mo. pg with Gremlin #3 and I was HUGE. I also had my hair pulled back and hadn't had it highlighted at the time. Everyone who checked it said it looked nothing like me, and since it was out of state, caused red flags. And then they all said I didn't look my age - now THAT part I enjoyed!

Yesterday was recovery day for me. Today's been all about getting back into the swing of things with my kids. The baby's still punishing me - doesn't want to give kisses or hugs - and I'm hoping it doesn't last long. He learned the word "no" while I was gone, and has learned it well. Must have heard it a lot. :)

So now I'm off to work on my submissions. Hope you all had a great week whether you were in Atlanta or not.


Blogger Christine Keach said...

Good luck with all those requests!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Carol B. said...

Hey, I have practically an identical pic on my blog. LOL! Blogger was being a total PITA yesterday. Haven't even tried to post today. Maybe tomorrow. Gotta get that Nora & me pic posted for sure. *G*

6:18 PM  

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