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:~: Monday, April 17, 2006 :~:


I was too tired to write after a full day of hosting Easter, so I vegged in front of the TV last night (never happens). There was a new show on ABC called What About Brian? Did anyone watch this? Okay, if you didn't, it's about three couples and one single guy named Brian. Brian's like the seventh wheel, a serial dater who has committment issues. Actually, he doesn't have committment issues, he's just in love with his best friend's fiance - who he kissed and spilled his heart to in the first episode and then said he'd shut up about it because he couldn't "do that" to his best friend or to this woman he supposedly loves (after he'd already done it).

Okay, so that issue aside, watching this show you can tell it's going to be a new version of Thirtysomething. Thirty-ish couples who are all having some sort of relationship "issues". Now maybe I'm just out of touch with what's on TV, but there were so many unbelievable situations going on I had trouble watching. One couple has three kids (the only couple with kids). Aside from the fact the woman does not look like she's had three kids (snark), anyone with kids knows it's near impossible to keep friendships up with other single or childless couples - you're just not in the same place. These people get together all the time and party with or without their kids? Yeah, right. As someone with three small kids, I find that hard to believe. (Oh yeah, and when the wife of this couple declared she wanted to have an "open" marriage so she could go off and have sex with her yoga instructor, I just rolled my eyes.) I really hate those stereotypes that portray married couples as having dysfunctional sexual relationships - that you never have sex again after you're married. Like marriage is the death of sex.

Where was I? Oh, the show. One guy broke up with his girlfriend and then asked her to marry him the next day. When he was talking to Brian about it later, he said he broke up with her, then was watching her sleeping later that night and realized he'd made a mistake. Uh...if he broke up with her, why was she sleeping with him??? Again, shaking my head here.

And am I really out there, or am I the only one who has trouble believing men talk about intimate feelings with each other? The lead guy Brian kept going on and on about how much he loves this woman to another guy friend (The friend who's wife wants to have sex with other people). I was looking at DH saying, "do guys do that????" He just shook his head.

This is why I don't watch TV. I'm disappointed more times than not. I feel like I wasted an hour of my life last night that I can't ever get back. If you're interested, the first "official" episode of What About Brian? will be on tonight on ABC. Last night was a sneak preview, I guess (or pilot). Me? I think I'll be writing. I don't think I can handle much more of Brian and his thirty-something friends.


Blogger Paty Jager said...

That's why I only watch crime shows- there's not much of the jumping from bed to bed, they are too busy trying to save people! LOL

But I thought I would like the new show The Unit - Psssh! One of the MARRIED women is sleeping witht he lead guy when her husband is out on a job. That turned me off to the show ASAP!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Piper Lee said...

As you already know we've not had TV for going on five years. Just movies we choose to bring in. It's soooo nice! I don't know how anyone gets anything done with the "boobtube" on all the time.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Pulliam said...

I watched it Sunday and yesterday. I'm with you on everything. There's no way that chick has three kids. And she sleeps with a guy the day after the open marriage thing and she won't even sleep with her own husband??? Poor guy...showing pictures of his kids at the bar. And you're right about the frequent get-togethers - no way Jose'. My hubby was pumped for the show and he's disappointed too.

3:10 PM  

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